6th MATFEM Conference

A forum for advanced material modelling

The 6th MATFEM Conference took place on 13 and 14 May 2024 at Schloss Hohenkammer, a conference centre some 30 km off Munich airport. The conference was a forum for discussing material modelling as well as a get-together of MF GenYld + CrachFEM users.


Material modelling - from ductile to brittle

H. Gese


Influence of material modelling in crash simulation on discontinuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic parts

G. Fruhmann¹* · A. Rager¹* · P. Maeser² · S. Mönnich³ · M. Richter⁴ · G. Oberhofer⁴


MegaCastings in Crashworthiness CAE

J. Jergeus¹* · P.-A. Eggertsen¹ · M. Landervik²

¹Volvo Cars · ²DYNAmore Nordic/ANSYS

A comprehensive test program for non-reinforced and short fiber reinforced polymers as input for MF GenYld + CrachFEM

E. Hontiyuelo* · J. Ferrer · A. Regidor · D. Muñoz


Polymer material test, parameters identification and application with MF GenYld + CrachFEM and MAT187 of LS-Dyna

S. Wu


Upgrade parts' crashworthiness by exploiting injection molding manufacturing effects

P. Fotopoulos¹* · M. Richter²*

¹Beta CAE Systems · ²MATFEM

Defining and validating a MF GenYld + CrachFEM material model for an SFRP material

L. Douven¹* · M. Richter² · G. Oberhofer²

¹Envalior · ²MATFEM

General strategy and new features in MF GenYld + CrachFEM 4.4.0

G. Oberhofer* · A. Heath · M. Oehm


Experimental characterization and parameter identification for a HPDC aluminium alloy

P. van der Loos¹* · S. Wu² · L. Peng³ · P. Konopík⁴ · H. Gese¹

²MATFEM · ¹ShareFEA · ³Shanghai Jiao Tong University · ⁴Comtes FHT

A practical approach to parameter identification for material damage models MF GenYld + CrachFEM and Gissmo and application in alloy wheel crush test

T. Sharma* · T. Gakhar · K. J. Sijo

SSWL India

Crash performance of a HPDC sustainable E-Bracket

M. Rakotomahefa

Nemak Europe GmbH

MBW1200 - New potentials for increased concept requirements: MFGenYld + CrachFEM is the optimal tool

J. Quandt · H. Rösen*

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

How the manufacturing process affects the function of sheet metal safety components

R. Lingbeek


Mubea Tailor Hardening - specific material cards for innovative tailored steel

T. Wilks¹* · T. Labudde¹ · P. Panchal²

Mubea Muhr und Bender KG · Mubea TRB North America

Impact of optical strain rate controlling on the determination of mechanical sheet metal properties

D. Naumann* · M. Merklein

LFT FAU Erlangen

Application of MFGenYld + CrachFEM for fiber reinforced polypropylene

S. Niedrig

Brose Fahrzeugtechnik

From crack initiation to final collapse - Simulation of the post-critical behavior of composites

M. Tönjes¹* · M. Richter²* · C. Kartal²

¹LCC TU München · ²MATFEM

Project addLight: Modelling additively manufactured materials

K. Komeilizadeh* · P. van der Loos · H. Gese


Challenges in testing foams, glass and composites

D. Muñoz* · A. Regidor · J. Ferrer · A. Tobías