MATFEM was founded in 1993 and is focussed on accurate material modelling in finite element analyses (FEA). Today there are three branches:

FEM Services offers consulting in FEA with focus on non-linear material behaviour. CommonLab offers the characterisation of metallic and polymeric materials for FEA and cooperates with seven partner labs for the experimental work. SoftMat develops material models for FEA. The main software product is the modular material model MF GenYld + CrachFEM, which is compatible with several commercial explicit-dynamic FEA codes. Principal areas of application are sheet metal forming and crashworthiness of metals, polymers and composites.


From 2010 to 2019, five MATFEM Conferences were held as single-day events.

The 6th MATFEM Conference will be expanded to one and a half days. Material scientists, experts in material testing, experts in material mechanics and CAE users from the industry are invited to contribute.

We plan to have five sessions with three lectures each and with enough time for discussion. Lecturers should address:

Call for papers

We are looking for speakers for the 6th MATFEM Conference. Your contribution should address material modelling in general, material testing or projects involving the material model MF GenYld + CrachFEM.

Lectures should not exceed 20 minutes. This does not include subsequent discussion. The talk itself and the accompanying documents should be in English.

Please submit a one-page abstract of your lecture by Wednesday, 14 February. We will notify you by Monday, 21 February whether your proposal has been accepted. Accepted speakers attend the conference free of charge.

The attendees will receive proceedings consisting of a booklet of abstracts and presentation hand-outs in electronic form. Please send us your final presentation as Powerpoint or PDF file by 5 April.

Your contact for abstracts, presentations and questions concerning the lectures is

Dr Helmut Gese

phone +49 (0) 89 890 57 94 - 11
e-mail helmutgesematfemde


The 6th MATFEM Conference will take place on Schloss Hohenkammer, a seminar centre in a castle, some 30 km off Munich airport.

Schloss Hohenkammer
Schlossstraße 20
D-85411 Hohenkammer

phone:+49 (0)81 37 93 40


The conference begins on Monday, 13 May at 13:30h with two afternoon sessions. Participants are invited to a dinner in the adjacent manor house at 19:00h. On Tuesday, 14 May, three further sessions conclude the conference. The conference is scheduled to end at 16:00h.

Conference fees

Industry regular 350 euros
early bird 285 euros
Academic regular 230 euros
early bird 175 euros
Speakers free

Registration deadline is 5 April. Early bird rates are available to those who registered before 8 March. The fees are per participant and include lunch, refreshments and proceedings. Accommodation is not included in the fee.


Participants are kindly asked to arrange for their own accommodation. Hotel rooms are available at Schloss Hohenkammer for 131 euros per night. When booking, please use the booking code “6th MATFEM Conf”.

Terms and conditions

VAT will be added to the registration fee as applicable. The registration fee is due 14 days after invoicing.

Free cancellation is possible until 5 April 2024. Participants who cancel between 6 April 2024 and 8 May 2024 are liable for 50% of the registration fee. Participants who cancel after 8 May 2024 or who do not attend the conference are liable for the entire registration fee. The number of participants is limited.

MATFEM reserves the right to cancel the event in the light of bookings until 5 April 2024. In the event of cancellation, MATFEM will refund all fees paid to MATFEM with respect to the event.


For questions about the registration, please contact Mr Martin Oehm. Please send your registration to:

Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Pettenkoferstr. 29
D-80336 München

phone +49 (0) 89 890 57 94 - 15
e-mail martinoehmmatfemde