3rd MATFEM Conference

A forum for advanced material modelling

The 3rd MATFEM Conference took place on 21 October 2014 at Schloss Hohenkammer, a conference centre some 30 km off Munich airport. The conference was a forum for discussing material modelling as well as a get-together of MF GenYld + CrachFEM users.


Assessing and modelling polymers with plastic compressibility

G. Oberhofer¹* · H. Dell¹ · V. Yelisseyev²


Advanced crash simulation of natural-fibre reinforced thermoplastics with MF GenYld + CrachFEM

M. Franzen

Ford R&A Europe

Mechanical properties and failure behaviour of hybrid organic sheets under quasi-static tensile load

A. von Hehl* · A. Kunze · H. Hasselbruch

IWT Bremen

Increased accuracy for forming and crash simulation using the Vegter yield locus

C. ten Horn · H. Vegter · J. Cafolla

Tata Steel

Calibration and application of fracture models for modern high-strength steel materials

H. Richter* · D. Pieronek · H. Rösen

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Crash performance of the new press hardenable steel 15MnB6

H. Block* · T. Marten · N. Weiß · T. Tröster

LiA, University of Paderborn

Fracture prediction at Jaguar Land Rover

M. Buckley

Jaguar Land Rover

Improved prediction of material fracture with CrachFEM

H. Gese* · H. Dell


Prediction of orthotropic fracture of high-strength aluminium plate

S. van der Veen

Airbus Toulouse

Anisotropic damage failure on dual phase steel simulated with CrachFEM

M. Meyer* · M. Kampczyk

Faurecia Autositze GmbH

Radioss Multi-Domain – Innovative simulation technique for CPU-time efficient prediction of material failure in full vehicle crash simulations

A. Bach¹* · H. Cakir¹ · V. Dampure²

¹Ford R&A Europe · ²Altair

MF GenYld + CrachFEM, the safeguard for innovative magnesium components

S. Rudzewski


Ongoing developments in MF GenYld + CrachFEM

G. Oberhofer · M. Oehm*