1st MATFEM Conference

A forum for advanced material modelling

The 1st MATFEM Conference took place on 26 October 2010 at Schloss Hohenkammer, a conference centre some 30 km off Munich airport. The conference was a forum for discussing material modelling as well as a get-together of MF GenYld + CrachFEM users.


10 years of failure prediction with CrachFEM

H. Gese* · H. Dell · G. Oberhofer


Experimental research of anisotropic-kinematic hardening

V. Yelisseyev¹* · H. Dell² · V. Shapiewskaya¹


CrachFEM in productive use at Daimler AG

J. Eckstein · K. Roll · K. Wiegand*

Daimler AG

Experimental and numerical determination of forming limit curves applied to a bainitic steel

A. Kuppert¹* · M. Merklein¹ · S. Mütze²

¹LFT Erlangen · ²Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH

Failure prediction for the production of car body parts

I. Heinle · H. Grass · A. Lipp · J. Meinhardt


Investigation of the fracture of a DP600 dash reinforcer using CrachFEM

M. Buckley¹* · D. Norman²

¹Jaguar Land Rover · ²Corus Automotive

Failure modelling of Mg cast alloys for crash applications under consideration of the manufacturing process

A. Bach¹* · U. Weiss¹ · H. Gese²

¹Ford R&A Europe · ²MATFEM

Crashworthiness simulation of welded aluminium crash management systems

C. Leppin*² · M. Kutscher¹ · M. Feuerstein¹ · J. Dold² · C. Lange² · M. Oehm³

¹Alcan Automotive Structures · ²3A Technology & Management · ³MATFEM

Modelling short-fibre reinforced polymers with MF GenYld + CrachFEM

G. Oberhofer · H. Dell


Experimental techniques for the determination of dynamic flow stress behaviour of sheet metals including yield loci and experimental verification of FE computations

S. Abdel-Malek · N. Herzig* · L.W. Meyer

Nordmetall GmbH

Simulation of dynamic impact loads on metallic aerospace components with material model MF GenYld + CrachFEM

M. Groß¹* · S. van der Veen² · T. Billaudeau² · S. Abdel-Malek³ · L.W. Meyer³

¹MATFEM · ²Airbus SAS Materials & Processes · ³Nordmetall GmbH

New features in MF GenYld + CrachFEM Version 4.0

G. Oberhofer