2nd MATFEM Conference

A forum for advanced material modelling

The 2nd MATFEM Conference took place on 17 October 2012 at Schloss Hohenkammer, a conference centre some 30 km off Munich airport. The conference was a forum for discussing material modelling as well as a get-together of MF GenYld + CrachFEM users.


Testing methods for fracture modelling of sheet steel

C. ten Horn

Tata Steel Research

Validation of constitutive laws for industrial applications in the field of forming technology

I. Heinle* · A. Lipp

BMW Group

Aerospace applications of MFGenYld + CrachFEM

S. van der Veen¹* · M. Groß² · M. Reißner² · H. Gese²

¹Airbus Toulouse · ²MATFEM

New features in MF GenYld + CrachFEM Version 4.2

G. Oberhofer · M. Oehm


MF GenYld + CrachFEM in the automotive virtual development process

M. Buckley¹* · D. Hollingdale¹ · M. Oehm²

¹Jaguar Land Rover · ²MATFEM

Investigation of a Boron bumper beam using CrachFEM

R. Schwarzer¹* · A. Bach²

¹Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH · ²Ford R&A Europe

Simulation approaches for efficient design of ultra high strength steel lightweight structures

A. Bach* · H. Cakir · H. Lanzerath

Ford R&A Europe

Multi-disciplinary integrated approach to design crash components in the automotive sector

F. Fracasso* · A. Ortalda · N. Gramegna

EnginSoft S.p.A.

Failure prediction with CrachFEM at Volvo Cars Safety Centre

J. Jergeus

Volvo Cars Safety Centre

Experiences in using optical strain measurement for the identification of polymer parameters for finite element analysis

J. Förster* · S. Engel · R. Paßmann

EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA

Characteristics of polymers in crash tests

V. Yelisseyev¹* · H. Dell² · A. Stroukova³

¹MATTEST · ²MATFEM · ³Voronezh State Technical University

Integrative crash simulation of fibre reinforced thermoplastics

M. Franzen¹* · G. Oberhofer² · M. Thornagel³

¹Ford R&A Europe · ²MATFEM · ³SIGMA Engineering GmbH