5th MATFEM Conference

A forum for advanced material modelling

The 5th MATFEM Conference took place on 7 May 2019 at Schloss Hohenkammer, a conference centre some 30 km off Munich airport. The conference was a forum for discussing material modelling as well as a get-together of MF GenYld + CrachFEM users.


Experimental assessment of composites

H. Körber


Modelling composites with CrachFEM

G. Oberhofer¹* · M. Franzen² · M. Richter¹

¹MATFEM · ²Ford Werke GmbH

Integrative Crash simulation of short fiber reinforced thermoplastics

M. Gross ¹* · M. Oehm² · M. Richter² · F. Brenner² · G. Oberhofer²

¹BMW Group · ²MATFEM

Utilizing the results of process simulation for an effective design of thermoplastic components

M. Stojek

PART Engineering GmbH

Nakajima test based method for the evaluation of the correctness of the yield locus models and a new Fourier Asymmetric Yield locus model for a better strain distrubution prediction

P. Hora* · H. Hippke · N. Manopulo · C. Raemy

ETH Zürich

Investigation of ductility and damage characteristics of severely pre-strained 5000-series aluminum alloy sheets at non-isothermal forming conditions

A. Camberg¹ · T. Tröster¹ · F. Bohner² · J. Tölle² · H. Gese³

¹University of Paderborn · ²Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH R&D · ³MATFEM

A guided tour through a CrachFEM material card

H. Gese* · G. Metzmacher


MFGenYld + CrachFEM as integrative CAE standard for seat track profiles

D. Biniszewski* · P. Weidinger · S. Sinne · S. Dreyer

Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG

Investigation of instability at high strain rates and multi-axial loadings of tailored tempered components

N. Weiß-Borkowski¹* · A. S. Schulz-Beenken¹ · T. Tröster²

¹FH Südwestfalen · ²University of Paderborn

Application of CrachFEM on cast aluminum component fracture assessment

S. Wu* · F. Pan

ShareFEA Shanghai

Material properties of selective laser-melted materials chance use and challenges in modelling

P. Holfelder¹* · A. Witte¹ · S. Junghans¹ · C. Seyfert¹ · F. Brenner² · H. Dell² · J. Dzugan² · M. Rund³


Impact material characterization of challenging metallic materials and test tasks

T. Hahn* · S. Abdel Malek · N. Herzig

Nordmetall GmbH

Ductile fracture model characterization on small and standard samples with evaluation of void deformation

M. Masek* · M. Rund · J. Nachézel


Experimental research of Bauschinger’s effect of magnesium alloy

V. Yelisseyev* · H. Dell · L. Khlivnenko

MATTEST Voronezh

Strain rate controlled hydraulic bulge test for analysing various strain paths

S. Suttner* · M. Merklein

LFT Erlangen