Software solutions


The SoftMat department develops programs and modules that characterise and model the behaviour of technical materials. Customers may acquire licences of these programs.

A huge sector is the development of material models that can be coupled to commercial FE analysis tools. The standard material models provided with these commercial programs are not always sufficient for modelling the behaviour of complex modern materials. Sometimes, appropriate models exist, but they cannot be used together in one material, e.g. complex yield loci and fracture models. In these cases, user materials may be integrated into the FEM solvers. A comprehensive and flexible model for plasticity and failure is provided by the combination of MF GenYld und CrachFEM.

The program CrachLab may serve as a virtual testing laboratory; it allows to determine the intial forming limit diagram (FLD) of sheet materials using only standard tensile tests and it can adjust the FLD after deformation and heat-treatment.

Further developments

Programs or program modules may also be developed as a part of a simulation project. For such special-purpose software, please have a look at the individual solutions we offer.