Consulting …

… in the fields of Materials Science and Finite Element Simulation

Our consultant engineers act as an interface between materials science (MAT) and numerical simulation (FEM).


FEM Services SoftMat CommonLab

We can support you in using numerical simulation to advantage in your business. For this purpose, we have established the services of FEM Simulation, SoftMat and CommonLab at MATFEM.

FEM Services: We simulate production processes and in-service loads of components with a strong focus on reliable interpretation of results with regard to material behaviour.

SoftMat: We develop individual software solutions for the description of materials in numerical simulations. These solutions include programs for the processing and approximation of experimental data, user defined material models for commercial FEM codes and programs for material data management.

Common Lab We provide experimental material data and work it into a suitable description of materials in numerical simulations. The experimental data is obtained via collaboration with specialised partner laboratories which we select according to your needs. You have one contact for the full range of testing methods.

FEM Services, SoftMat and CommonLab complete an integrated solution for simulation problems.