FEM Services


The method of finite elements includes a multitude of numerical variants. The selection of a method which is both efficient and accurate for each task is the first step in a successful finite element analysis.

MATFEM’s experience can help you to find an effective and quick solution to your problem:

  • For every project, we determine the simulation method that suits the task at hand best. We consider which programs our customers already use, thus making sure that methods and solutions that are developed in these projects may be applied subsequently at your company.

  • The characterisation of material data in cooperation with CommonLab ensures that your simulations model the material behaviour accurately and appropriately.

  • New methods may be developed in order to model complex non-standard problems. For the further use at your company, SoftMat may develop auxiliary programs that implement these methods.

Our Equipment

The basic equipment for in-house simulations includes the following tools:

  • ABAQUS/Standard for implicit calculations and ABAQUS/Explicit for crash simulation

  • LS-DYNA for the simulation of crashes and sheets forming

  • PAM-Crash for crash simulation and PAM-Stamp 2G for sheet forming

  • RADIOSS for crash simulation

This equipment will be supplemented by additional programs according to the project. In addition, we supply commercial programs with our own material and failure models (see SoftMat).

ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, PAM-Stamp, PAM-Crash and RADIOSS are registered trademarks.